Scottish Elises Community Charter - Read First!

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Scottish Elises Community Charter - Read First!

Post by Shug » Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:55 am

Welcome to Scottish Elises

...the friendly group for discussing everything to do with the Lotus Elise, all its derivatives and related cars, where you don't have to own an Elise, and you don't have to be Scottish! On the forum, you'll find discussions ranging from the social side of Lotus ownership, to meets, trackdays and motorsport events. We have some technical experts to help out with the inevitable niggles and you'll find help only a post away! Have a read through the following before posting and enjoy your stay.

By joining this community, you are agreeing to:

- abide by the Forum Rules posted on this site

- share the spirit in which the group was formed, namely as a collection of like-minded individuals with an interest in the Lotus Elise and all things (even vaguely) related

- represent Scottish Elises responsibly, particularly on the public highway and at trackdays and other public events

- remember that many will sport Scottish Elises logos and URLs on cars and clothing, so our identity may be more obvious than you think

- refrain from irresponsible or dangerous driving, particularly when taking part in meets, runs or other kinds of events

- refrain from boasting about such antics

- bring instances of others' irresponsible or dangerous driving to their attention as soon as practicable and encourage them to think about it from the perspective of other road users and other group members

- encourage the development and improvement of driving standards, technical knowledge, collective buying power and social networking amongst the Scottish Elises community

- above all, simply to contribute positively to this not-for-profit, informal group of enthusiasts.

General forum rules:

- Take some time to explore the sub-forums, their content and style, and even the personalities of some of the "regulars". Have a look at the "Sticky" posts which often provide guidance on the usage of a particular sub-forum.

- Please come along and introduce yourself, your interest, and your car (if you have one) in "Newbies" will be assured of a warm welcome

- Avoid abusive posts and victimisation of others...take specific disagreements offline to resolve, use the Private Message facility for example

- Don't write ALL IN internet speak, known as "shouting"

- If you start an off-topic thread, prefix the title with "NLC" for "No Lotus Content" :-)

- Personal testimonials and recommendations to try a particular supplier or product etc are acceptable in the course of general on-topic posting

- If you have something to sell (essentially any personal item that is legally yours to sell, not commercial trading) put your ad in the Classifieds sub-forum

- Outright sales pitches, campaigns or adverts are generally discouraged, however if you are launching a new venture etc please do contact the Admin team as we do want to encourage the prosperity of our bona fide members!

Thanks for being a part of the Scottish Elises community :-)
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