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Post by Shug » Tue May 14, 2013 9:21 am

A little update for everyone on how we're handling moderation on the forums. As you'll have seen if you read the technical forums, there's been a bit going on recently.

We (the mod team) feel there's been some occasions where our personal opinions have been misconstrued as moderation on a subject. As human beings (mostly :wink: ) and active members of the forum, we're keen that we can still comment personally on subjects, without it being seen as a moderation attempt, so we've decided on the following formatting.

If anything is posted by a mod in a thread without any special formatting, please take it as purely personal, private opinion and not necessarily the wider opinion or policy of moderation on Scottish Elises. If a moderation comment is being made, we'll format it like this:

This is a moderation comment - all copy relating to moderation will be formatted in italic and blue

This should hopefully make any 'official' moderation attempts clear and unequivocal, separating them from personal comments or (dare I say) banter!

Thanks all.
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