1999 Honda VFR800Fi - low mileage and belting condition

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1999 Honda VFR800Fi - low mileage and belting condition

Post by Shug » Tue Oct 05, 2021 2:32 pm

I know there's a few closet bike-ists on here, so thought I'd bang this up before extending to the misery that is eBay and the like - there is an FB ad, which I'll link to (you don't need an FB account) for ease so you can see pics. Normally, I'd hang on to it till spring, but I've got my eye on something that needs its space in the garage, or the wife will make me sleep in there with them...

https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... 214043020/

Description copied below. Obviously the price you see on FB is for muggles, if you're interested, there will be a decent saving on that for an SE member.

Red Honda VFR800Fi Superb Condition Low Mileage

The time has come to sell my 1999 VFR800Fi. I've had the bike six years and loved every mile I've done on it - however, I have got something new that requires the garage space.

Just under 20000 miles - 19990 at time of writing the ad! Less than a thousand miles a year on average.

MOT Till September 2022!

Bike is extremely clean and tidy, especially given it's 22 years. Maintained rigorously. Dealer stamps through to 2015 (including 16000 mile valve clearance check), when I purchased the bike and I've self-maintained with good quality consumables since.

Large pile of MOTs and receipts, original handbook and service record book present, two keys.

Bodywork *very* clean and tidy and frame is spotless.

The Bike is completely standard and original down to the original exhaust can, levers, pegs - the works.

Original screen as well as dark double bubble shown in some photos.

In the past two months I've replaced a sticking thermostat with new (a nightmare job on these bikes as it's buried in the V)

I've also replaced clutch and springs after feeling a tiny bit of slip, which I figure was the springs getting tired as the friction plates I took out were within tolerance.

Coolant system drained and flushed and new coolant when the thermostat was done, oil also changed when clutch was done.

It's on Michelin Pilot Road 5 Tyres with under 1000 miles on them.
Chain is new within the last three years.
It's running an uprated Regulator Rectifier, which is a known weak point as standard.

The bike has it's factory rear seat cowl supplied (which are becoming hard to find if not with the bike)
It also comes with Givi rack (not mounted in photos) and a large capacity top box

These bikes are arguably from Honda's high point when it comes to build quality and reliability. It's never let me down, it starts on the button every time and still provides a really entertaining, smooth ride.
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