S2 Exige 260

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S2 Exige 260

Post by finlay » Tue Aug 02, 2022 3:27 pm

Having recently purchased a 410 Sport Exige it means I will be using my long term S2 260 Exige even less, so reluctantly I suspect it is time to sell it. Sticking it up here initially/before I advertise more widely…

The Exige is Graphite Grey and has been exclusively a road car to date, is on an 08 plate and has 65K miles, I have owned it for 7 years now. Only two previous mature owners. Quite a rare beast in addition to not being tracked it has likewise not been damaged or painted.

The car came new with touring and performance packs (240BHP) then went back to The Lotus factory service department to have the 260 upgrade added in Feb 2011 (the work included an upgrade fuel pump, uprated engine mounts, ECU upgrade with the upgrade flywheel having already been fitted as part of the performance pack) this modification comes with certificate of provenance.
Oil hose recall plus new oil coolers fitted in Jan 2015. Upgrade radiator and condenser fitted about 8K miles ago by Lotus Silverstone.

Standard car apart from a Tubular exhaust system inc cat (tubular decat pipe included in the sale).

The first owner used the car for a long daily commute (Norwich to London) and hence racked up over 50K miles in 3 years.
Big service history including lots of receipts, brief summary as below:
Jan 09, 8K, Stratton Lotus
May 09, 18K, Stratton Lotus
Aug 09, 26K, Stratton Lotus
July 10, 36K, Stratton Lotus
Feb 11, 44K, Lotus Factory
Aug 11, 52K, Stratton Lotus
Nov 12, 53K, Silverstone Lotus
Dec 14, 55K, Silverstone Lotus
Jan 16, 57K, local specialist
Jan 17, 59K, local specialist
Feb 18, 60K, local specialist
Nov 19, 61K, Craig Moncreif Lotus
Feb 21, 63K, Craig Moncreif Lotus
May 22, 64K, Craig Moncreif Lotus

The car had new toe-links and geo plus service around 500 miles ago with work done by Craig also a recent serpentine belt and 4 new tyres.

Genuine enquiries please.

Exige S 260 Performance and Touring

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