VW Golf '06 GTi TFSI

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VW Golf '06 GTi TFSI

Post by pete » Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:26 pm

"What that Golf?" I hear you cry.
"Yes." I reply, wiping a tear.

THE Golf. Previously DDTB. then Neil's and for the last 3 years MINE. It is an awesome car, 3 door (the best shape), full leather, a lovely thing to drive. Full MOT (pretty much), full service history, only 125,000 miles (drives like new). A couple of stone chips and the wheels need refurbed (they needed done when I got it and I didn't bother). It has had the wings replaced under warranty by VW (important if you are looking at these as they rust from the inside out, but was a recall if you were patient with VW!).

I bought it to run for 6 months and have kept it for 55k miles. It hasn't seen much use in the last 6 months (SORN'd at the moment) because I couldn't quite bring myself to sell it.

2800 minus SE discount if you are quick, its going on Autotrader next week.

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