S1 AWI Wheels

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S1 AWI Wheels

Post by Turtlepower » Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:50 pm


Advert below for the S2 wheels reminded me that I still have a set of 4 AWI wheels from an S1 taking up space in my garage. 2 16" rears and 2 15" fronts. Bare rims, no tyres and will need a refurb to get back to pukka condition, they were for a track set of wheels when I owned the S1 so have always been tatty. Advertised these a few years back but didn't have any takers.

Open to offers as just want these gone.

Wheels located in Paisley but have family in Fife and Aberdeenshire so could work something out.


1998 S - 1.8 Lotus Elise - New Aluminium

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