Motorbike Stuff - sold

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Motorbike Stuff - sold

Post by Lazydonkey » Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:03 am

Having to reluctantly accept the fact that i'm not going to get another bike anytime soon so my kit is up for sale.

All is used but in good condition and all high quality stuff and I've never been crashed - i ride way too slow :D

Black Alpinestarts Supertech R boots - £380 new and yours for £90. Size 44 / 9.5 and the comfiest boots i've ever worn. Age related scratches but nothing serious at all.

Forcefield Sub 4 back protector - £100 new and yours for £40

....and this is more of a long shot....

Hein Gericke gore tex jacket (UK 42" chest) and hein gericke leather trousers (uk 36). Been modified so they zip together and were my go to summer outfit. One of the cuff closers on the jacket doens't have a tag on it (making it slighly harder to close) and the interior pocket for the back protector (long since lost) no longer shuts. Really really really good jacket that won't do the coldest of cold days but will do everything else. Well used but still lots of mileage left in it. Trousers have seen less wear (as i alternated between them and gore trousers) and as such are in really good condition. A bargain £50 for both.

Lots of pics here

Happy to use SE pony express or meet in Glasgow.
Fiesta ST, Volvo and more pushbikes than strictly necessary.

....did i ever tell you about the Evora and VX220 i used to own?

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