Porsche Boxster 987 Spyder (Sold)

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Porsche Boxster 987 Spyder (Sold)

Post by douglasgdmw » Sat Mar 13, 2021 4:55 pm

Due to lack of use (even in pre-Covid times), its time to put the 987 Boxster Spyder up for sale as we are just not using it.

The Porsche Boxster Spyder is as close to the Lotus Elise as you can get from Porsche. Also due to its low production volumes (approx 200 with a 50/50 split between manual/PDK) it is very much a sought after car in Porsche circles. It is often referred to as having 95% of a 911 GT3's capabilities at 60% of the price.

My 987 Spyder has the following specification:
2010 Boxster 987 Spyder
Carrera White
Carbon Buckets Seats
PSE (Porsche Switchable Sports Exhaust)
Sports Chrono Package Plus
CDR030 Porsche CD changer + Sound Plus
Extended Alcantara Pack (Steering wheel, gearbox gaiter and middle cubby box finished in Alcantara)
Red seat belt and door pulls
Carrera II S wheels in black

I purchased the car on 24th January 2013 for Porsche Swindon and I am the third owner of the vehicle (the 2nd owner had the car briefly for a couple of months and had to change due to personal circumstances).

The car has a full Porsche Service history and has been serviced at the following mileage with the following remedial work carried out:
22/02/2012 - Porsche Centre Cambridge - Mileage 6803
04/02/2014 - Porsche Centre Edinburgh - Mileage 12,176 - Major service £1038.72
06/09/2014 - Battery replaced at cost of £201.28
18/02/2016 - Porsche Centre Edinburgh - Mileage 13,271 - Minor service at £756.88 + £948.30 (see below)
- Steering rack replaced at cost of £948.30 (with contribution from Porsche GB)
29/01/2018 - Porsche Centre Edinburgh - Mileage 14,055 - Major service at £792.94
26/05/2020 - Porsche Centre Edinburgh - Mileage 14,684 (Service delayed due to Covid) Intermediate service at £580.99 + £2406.80 ( see below)
- Coolant cross over pipes and coffin arms replaced at cost of £2406.80
04/03/2021 - Replacement of all 4 tyres for Michelin PS2 N rated tyres - £704.56

The MOT history is as follows:
24/01/2013 - Mileage 8601
04/02/2014 - Mileage 12,174
05/02/2015 - Mileage 12,881
03/02/2016 - Mileage 13,236
17/02/2017 - Mileage 13,803
21/02/2018 - Mileage 14,099
26/02/2019 - Mileage 14,638
26/05/2020 - Mileage 14,684

The current mileage is 14,700 and will rise ever so slightly but not significantly.

The car has also not been tracked to my knowledge (only time it has been physically on track in my ownership was for the Porsche 50th anniversary at Knockhill with Porsche GB photo shoot attached, it was a very pedestrian 3/4 lap of Knockhill with other owners).

The car is also finance and accident free. I received a clean over rev report prior to purchase (still in my documentation) and there has been no over revs in my ownership.

The car has had a no cost approach to ownership and due to my recent expenditure and sale preparation will offer a number of years or ownership with minimal outlay and depreciation proof motoring.

If you have any other questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Price is £43.5k ono
Porsche Spyder (sold)
Range Rover Evoque Ember
Land Rover Series 2a softop (Pending)
Golf GTi Performance Pack

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