Wanted Mini or something ? Sorted now

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Wanted Mini or something ? Sorted now

Post by IanD » Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:52 pm

Looking for a car to buy for short term use.

Wife fancies a Mini Countryman or Clubman, would consider a normal Mini at a push. Diesel or petrol considered.

So it’s daily use focused rather than fun/honing about.

Max spend around £8000 but if a car is reasonable and half that price I’d be happy.

Anyone got anything or know of someone trusted who has one for sale ?

Guess if not a Mini anything else you have that is reliable not painfully slow, needs to be hatchback (preference is 4 doors even though standard Mini isn’t ! ) then I’d potentially consider it.

Pm me, but need to buy it next weekend as current car should be disappearing on 11th june.

EDITED - got something, thanks for the people that PM’d me
1993 Porsche 968 ClubSport

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