SOLD - BMW M4 Competition Ultimate 8900miles Jan 2019

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SOLD - BMW M4 Competition Ultimate 8900miles Jan 2019

Post by rawsco » Thu Jul 08, 2021 1:52 pm

Gonna move this on as seriously thinking about ordering an Emira now....

Stunning Porsche Riviera Blue, absolutely the best, and very rare colour for this car.
Carbon Exterior Pack
BMW 763m Forged Wheels with New CUP2s all round
Harmon Kardon
Adaptive Icon LED wizard lights
Loads of other stuff like 360 Cameras, Junction visibility cameras, Driver anti crash into people and other cars alert, lane departure, speed indicator, pro nav, connected drive blah blah.
Service. November last year, not due again till November 2022, balance of OEM warranty til Jan 2022
I had it 3 stage corrected and Gtechniq Crystal Serum 9year ceramic coat applied when I got it and it still looks great. Wheels and callipers were done and interior protection and glass.
Never seen a track :-(
Im the second on the logbook, car was a preregistration.

£45000 SE special price.
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