Help needed for a reapir in Northern Ireland!

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Help needed for a reapir in Northern Ireland!

Post by marcoos_1 » Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:16 pm

A few of us travelled from Scotland to Northern Irelnad for a run last weekend. To cut a long story short I broke a rose joint on my driver side control arm (toe arm). Thankfully no damage as it happened whilst I was reversing out of a pub car park.

The car is curently with a recovery comany in Ballymena (near Belfast). My options are:

1) just get the AA to bring it back to my home, or

2) find someone I can trust to do a repair over there. I can send the bits over for this.

The reason I'm considering number 2 is that I am going back to Ireland again for a run in 2 weeks time, so I could just collect the car then?

Any advice of ideas would be most welcome.

A lucky escape indeed.

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