Le Man vs Le Man Classic 2020

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Le Man vs Le Man Classic 2020

Post by IanD » Sat Sep 28, 2019 12:58 am

Did Silverstone Classic this year which I enjoyed, nice event and experience and didn’t really cost that much for a 3 day weekend.

Early days but considering Le Man or classic one for next year.
I’ve not been into sport cars for years so it’s more about the experience than teams/drivers/cars.
Happy to camp.
Don’t want to take a week off work to do it but probably a bit older and more sensible than doing a 20hrs day to get to France which I did many years ago for family camping.

Looks expensive and Classic dearer than Le Man so which is best and why ?
Any advice and will it cost lots ?

Any advice, know a few have done these.
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Re: Le Man vs Le Man Classic 2020

Post by MisterK » Sun Oct 06, 2019 12:03 am

I've done both several times and enjoy the Classic more these days, but you should experience the real thing at least once in your life!
The Classic is a bit less 'stag weekend' and attracts a lot of interesting classics in the campsites as well as the many club displays in the infield.
Get an overnight ferry on the Thursday night from Portsmouth to Le Havre or Caen and either back on the Sunday night (easily done) or Monday if you fancy an extra night camping.
Get your ferry booked now or as soon as bookings open for best pricing and availability.
We usually camp at the circuit (e.g. Camping Epinettes), the facilities are good and you're not queueing half an hour for a shower like you used to.
In 2018 my Classic trip cost just over £800; about £350 for the ferries with cabin, 55e for entry ticket, about £200 in fuel and tolls.
I'd be surprised if you get to the main race for less.
Unfortunately I can't make either next year :-(
I'll add a link to Classic photos once I can get into Flickr.
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Re: Le Man vs Le Man Classic 2020

Post by rossybee » Sun Oct 06, 2019 7:07 am

Doing LMC next July with a few mates - currently looking like my Cerb along with a couple of Morgan Aero 8s, a 991.2 GT3, a 930 turbo, a 964 Carrera plus some others, so thoroughly looking forward to it! Last time I did the LM24 was in 2006 in my Caterham on the Superfast ferry from Rosyth to Zeebrugge so can't recall the costs!

Can we go yet? :mrgreen:
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