1998 - S1 - 135... Change of Plan - its a keeper

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1998 - S1 - 135... Change of Plan - its a keeper

Post by ClarkyBoy » Mon Feb 21, 2022 8:37 pm

I’m having thoughts of selling my S1, I’ve seen something I quite like that would involve selling this and a few other things to buy it, so here’s a short description.

If anyone thinks they might be interested - drop me a message.

Chrome orange
S1, with a factory sport135 conversion by janspeed.
Currently has 61900 miles

The car came to me from another member at 56,000 miles - who had owned it for 13+ years, I’ve had it for nearly 2 years now and I utterly love the car. It was a turbulent start to the relationship - but I genuinely feel it’s a properly sorted little car now and has been faultless since I gave the engine an overhaul.

The engine received the following new parts

Valves, springs, valve stem seals etc.
Head gasket + steel dowels (the head was inspected and given a very small skim to improve the surface)
Can seals
Cylinder liners
Water pump
Timing belt
Remote thermostat upgrade kit
Throttle body (52mm metal type)
Spark plugs
Rotor arm
Dizzy cap
HT leads
Drive belts
Various sensors

In addition the car has had the following

Undertrays (both rear trays)
Rear Arch liners
Uprated Toe link kit
4 new AD08Rs tyres
Oil service

The car also benefits from the following

S2 bilstein suspension
All of the suspension arms have been blasted and powder coated
7 year ceramic coating
All 4 wheels have been freshly re-coated in standard silver and ceramic coated also
Piper X hurricane induction kit
New momo steering wheel (standard goes with the car)
Lotus GT4 / Cup carbon seats, HANS ready with Scroth 6 point harnesses
Harness bar
Race cat
Custom exhaust - freshly repacked too.

Edit to add - the gearbox also got a full rebuild with steel bearings, a new Syncro for 3rd gear and the FD changed to 4.2.

There’s a lot more to list - I’ve got all the history etc etc. but the above should give enough detail - should anyone be interested then I’ll happily provide all the details, loads of pictures etc.

The car will been advertised for £22,500 - it’s 20k to an SE’er with no haggling from there. It’s a car from 1998 and it’s a lotus - so it’s not a concourse show car, but if you want a car that is pretty well presented for its age, starts on the button and will make you smile all day long then it’s the car for you.

A couple of images of the car in the link below

https://www.flickr.com/photos/42400855@ ... res/81mc6E
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