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Re: Lotus teaser/launch update link

Post by campbell » Mon May 03, 2021 6:25 pm

tonyg wrote: When i first looked at an Elise (late 1997) it was £27K which was about the same as a Boxster (again without options) and the first TT - they were both about £29k
My S1 with lots of options including hardtop was £25k ordered from the dealer in 1999.

It was a stack of money to me back then but on reflection, it actually was an “affordable” sports car. (This was the only reason I could do it). And it was streets ahead of Boxsters or TTs of its era. In certain respects at least ImageImage

Hoping history can repeat. On the streets ahead bit at least. Price is technically irrelevant as I’m not in the market right now Image
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